Why hiVIVA?

Medication adherence is the number one health management issue for people living with HIV (PLWH). Adherence has been coined the “Achilles’ heel” of HIV treatment.

To protect the health of PLWH and prevent the spread of HIV, 95% medication adherence is recommended. A rigorous medication regimen is ideally initiated before the PLWH has any symptoms of HIV. This medication is daily, for life, and may have unpleasant side effects. It can be difficult for PLWH to stay positive and motivated and maintain lifelong adherence.

hiVIVA users have a smartphone app built on the MIT Media Lab’s CollaboRythm platform to help them stay motivated and on top of HIV medication adherence. Along with personalized real-time adherence support and reinforcement, users access instant lab results, just-in-time information about HIV, and smart-phone based communication with their provider and support group.

Educational App

An HIV management application has been developed for CollaboRhythm that allows patients to track their medication adherence and to reflect on their performance through innovative visualizations. For example, a personalized simulation allows patients to see their medications protecting them from the virus in real-time.

The application has been pilot tested, and it produced exciting improvements in care. (paper, video) Under the support of an NIH R01 grant, a multi-institution collaborative including UMass Medical School, MGH, and MIT will test the application with a larger population of patients.

Project Goals

hiViva is an application under development and the outcome of the MIT Health & Wellness Innovation 2013 hackathon. While there have been many strides forward it is still not a commercial product or an app at the iTunes store/Google Play. The teams are working towards these goals in the year 2013.

This application is already very well suited for research studies. The overarching goals of this project are to:

1) create a version of the application that is suitable for public availability and that can be deployed through the Android Play Store and iPhone App Store

2) augment the research version of the application with innovative new components, including point-of-care viral load and cd4 cell count testing and nutrition education, so that it can support exciting new research.


  1. Implement an offline mode for the app. Currently CollaboRhythm only works in an online mode with all data housed on the patients Indivo X personally controlled health record. A local cache will need to be created along with data synchronization services.
  2. Allow patients to enter their own medications for adherence tracking.
  3. Allow patient to enter their laboratory tests. This will include the ability to read point-of-care tests.
  4. Improve the adherence visualizations based on feedback from patients and experts in HIV health literacy and numeracy.
  5. Potentially add a wellness and education component to the app at future stages of development.