Healthcare Volunteer Uganda

Healthcare Volunteer Uganda (HVU) is a registered not-for-profit charity based in the rural districts of Mubende and Kassanda in Central Uganda, targeting Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and women living with HIV/AIDS in hard to reach areas.

HVU provides comprehensive services to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). In addition to Volunteering programs, receiving and re-donating medical supplies to health centres /health services, health education, and HIV/AIDS sensitization, HVU increases the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children, especially girls, to attend and excel in school. The focus of HVU’s program is on orphans and vulnerable children and Women. One of the greatest effects of the AIDS pandemic is the impact on psychological and mental health of children who have lost their parents under traumatic circumstances.


To empower all individuals and groups of people especially those that are socially vulnerable to make an impact in transforming themselves and the community through interventions that addresses poor health and poverty.



  • Volunteering: We believe in the spirit by individuals to dedicate a significant amount of their time,energy and resources in shaping the wellbeing of self and others.
  • Innovation: We design and implement best practices in advocating for improved health for the wellness of families and communities.
  • Participation/Involvement: We believe that all individuals, groups and communities have the inherent capacity to contribute to efforts geared towards health promotion and social transformation.
  • Commitment: We dedicate ourselves to promoting health and wellbeing.
  • Impact: We aim at producing measurable results from our actions.
  • Collaboration: We value and work in partnership with governments, civil society organizations & communities to achieve our goals.
  • Knowledge: We believe in research and experiential knowledge as a basis to inform our programs of actions.
  • Integrity: We strive for honesty & responsible leadership.




  • Raise awareness of the plight of OVCs {Orphans and Vulnerable Children} and HIV positive women in Uganda.
  • Activate the international community against the deplorable conditions that orphans and children and HIV positive single mothers endure daily.
  • Implement and support pioneering grass-root programs related to Women, orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.